Cataract Gorge Field Trip

Walk through the spectacular Cataract Gorge to see the work of local Landcare groups in looking after special riparian remnants and threatened species

Cataract-Gorge-Tourism-Tasmania-and-Rob-Burnett-129340-2000x1158.jpgLaunceston's Cataract Gorge is a hotspot of threatened species, with precious remnants of riparian vegetation protected within it, that is remarkable in the context of a surrounding city and upstream agricultural land. Locals and visitors love the Gorge, but are often oblivious to the particular flora and fauna treasures hiding in plain sight. Community groups, including Friends of Trevallyn Reserve and Australian Plant Society, and City of Launceston, work behind the scenes to protect the native vegetation, but sometimes it takes an outsider to spot a surprising floral development!

On this walk lead by Anna Povey, we will see some of the wide variety of plants and animals between Duck Reach and the Basin, wander the secret paths of a special patch beside the pool, look for a rare carnivorous plant, have a picnic lunch in the Cliff Grounds gardens and check out the cablecar-free amazing view from Eagle Eyrie lookout.

Along the way, reptile specialist, Griffin Piper, will show us some of the delightful lizards that love the rocky Gorge.

  • Registration at QVMAG Inveresk car park opens from 8.00am.
    Cafe Blue next to the departure area is open from 8.00am for all your coffee, snack and toilet needs before the trip departs. 
  • Departing QVMAG, Inveresk by bus at 8.30am.
  • Dropped to the the walk starting point at Duck Reach.
  • Picnic lunch provided.
  • Concluding at Trevallyn to be bussed back to Inveresk.

Anna_Povey__photo_by_Chris_Grose_FOTR_weeding_Gorge.jpgPlease remember to bring:

  • Clothes for all weather
  • A water bottle
  • Walking shoes
  • Binoculars (optional) if you are interested in spotting some wildlife along the way
  • Don't forget daylight savings starts today, and clocks move forward one hour

Walking between areas, 2 hours. 
2 hours for talks and 1 hour for lunch. 8.30am – 2.30pm. Approximately 6 hours total.

Early ticket holders will be emailed in September to select their trip.

From September, choose your trip when you purchase your ticket.