West Tamar Field Trip Info

New and emerging industries, urban plantings, and Landcare in action. In this trip, led by West Tamar Landcare members, we will look at urban habitat plantings for biodiversity and human liveability, small farming enterprises at Legana Cherries, and regenerative ag at Wenlock Farm. Bandicoots, native plants, agroforestry, and carbon farming and accounting will all be a part of the day.

This field day is generously sponsored by UTAS

Eastern barred bandicoot. Photo Credit JJ Harrison


  • Registration at the QVMAG Inveresk car park opens from 7.45am.
    Cafe Blue next to the departure area is open from 8.00am for all your coffee, snack and toilet needs before the trip departs. 
  • Bus leaves from QVMAG, Inveresk at 8.15am.
  • Windsor Precinct talk and tour of the formal, native plant parkland gardens led by West Tamar Council staff and NRM north.
  • NRM North shows the successful urban bandicoot gardens and related biodiversity projects. (TBC).
  • Legana Cherries, meet Howard Nichol to hear about small farming enterprises in the West Tamar, and look at their rural scale bandicoot habitat plantings.
  • Take a walking tour of Wenlock Farm with Tim Reed, on regenerative ag with exotic species for agroforestry, carbon farming and accounting, and pasture cropping.
  • A look at how integrating native planting and clever design in urban spaces increases the liveability of urban areas at Exeter Childcare Centre and surrounds. A gentle walk of the area will showcase Landcare in action on the West Tamar. Joanna Lyall from UTAS will talk about bandicoots in the West Tamar.
  • Back to the QVMAG carpark in Inveresk by approximately 4pm. 


Please remember to bring:

  • Clothes for all weather
  • A water bottle
  • Walking shoes
  • Binoculars (optional) if you are interested in spotting some wildlife along the way
  • Don't forget daylight savings starts today, and clocks move forward one hour

Drive time 1.30 hours.  5 hours for talks and lunch.  8.30am – 4.00pm. Approximately 7.5 hours total.


Photo of Tim Reed holding mixed grass species, which are a key part of the pasture cropping done on the farm (Wenlock Enterprises 2020)

Early ticket holders will be emailed in September to select their trip.

From September, choose your trip when you purchase your ticket.