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Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you so much for putting your hands up to volunteer at this year’s Tasmanian Community Landcare Conference weekend. It means a lot to the team that you are willing and interested in helping make this event a huge success. We couldn't be doing it without you!

This will be a great learning, sharing and networking experience, and will give you an inside look and hands on experience at how an event like this is run from back of house, as well as helping a great volunteer member-run organisation celebrate and look forward to the next 30 years caring for our land and waterways. 

Volunteering is open to all conference attendees over 18 years of age.

Depending on the role you choose to do, and the time commitment required, volunteers may be eligible for a complimentary pass to one or all of the weekend of events.
In exchange, volunteers are expected to work 6-12 hours (depending upon the role) for one, two or three days of the events. Volunteers must sign the volunteer agreement.

You don't have to be a Landcare Tasmania group member to volunteer!

Volunteers are the face of 2021 Tasmanian Community Landcare Conference. As a Landcarer we know you will be punctual, respectful and helpful during your shifts.
It is ideal to familiarise yourself with the program and the venue layout you will be volunteering at prior to your shift, as well as general conference information like venue locations, event start and finish times and who to ask for more information to help your fellow Landcarers navigate the events as smoothly as possible.

Scheduling volunteers for a complex multi-day event requires a large amount of planning and cooperation; we appreciate your willingness to help make the conference a huge success, by honouring your shifts, showing up on time, and staying until the job is done!

The weekend program will be announced here.

  • For the Saturday events please wear smart black clothes and comfy shoes. We will have Landcare T-shirts and identifying items for you to wear when you are on shift. 
  • All the events are all likely to sell out! If you know anyone sitting on the fence about getting a ticket, get them to buy one now before its too late.
  • Please feel free to take relevant photos of the events you are at and put them up on social media to make your friends jealous you're helping at such an awesome project! The hashtags we're using for the event are:  #LandcareTasmania  #LandcareTas  #2021StateTerritoryLandcareAwards ⁠ #2021LandcareConference  #UNDecadeOnEcoSystemRestoration   

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Volunteer Roles

Pre Event

Pre Event: 1 - 30 September, Hobart

Hours to be arranged with each person based on availability.

  • Helping in the office with general admin, event preparation, welcome pack preparation and packing,
  • Poster stick ups around the state, let us know how many you would like and you can pick them up in our office or we’ll post them out to you
  • Driving up equipment to the Tailrace venue in Launceston.
Pre Event: Friday 1st October, Launceston
  • 10am - 4pm: Set up at Tailrace Centre. Lunch provided. Wear comfy clothes and shoes
  • Picking up speakers from the Launceston Airport and taking them to their accommodation.

Friday Welcome BBQ

Friday 1st Oct. 4pm – 9pm,  Riverbend Park, Launceston

BBQ dinner provided. 

  • Help set up picnic area
  • Help with cooking and dispensing food
  • Help with pack up and rubbish removal


Accommodation Billeting

Friday 1st  – Monday 4th October, Launceston area

Do you have a spare room or two at your house in or close to Launceston? Would you be excited to host one of our amazing speakers from interstate, or an amazing volunteer helping build the event stay with you?

Some of the people key to making our weekend a success will need somewhere to lay their head after a big day. We’re calling on our amazing community to see if there are some spare rooms to host them. If you have a preference about who you would like, please make a note and we will do our best to match people.


Photography of each day’s events

6 or 7 Roles. Friday 1 – Sunday 3 October

Do you love taking photos of people? We will have a professional photographer at the key moments of the weekend, but we would love to see the conference through Landcarers eyes. If you have a nice camera, and would like to contribute by taking photos on one or all of the days, you will be provided with meals and a backstage pass.

Days and times photographers are needed:

Friday 1 Oct 
  • 2pm – 4pm. Tasmanian Awards - Town Hall, Launceston.
  • 6pm – 8pm Welcome BBQ - Rivers Bend Park, Launceston.
Saturday 2 Oct
  • 8.30am – 4.30pm. Conference Day - Tailrace Centre, Riverside
  • 6.30pm – 10pm. Landcare Aus awards Gala Dinner - Tailrace Centre, Riverside
Sunday 3 Oct
  • 8.30am – 4pm. One of 4 field trips around northern Tasmania.

Conference Day:

Saturday 2 October, Tailrace Centre.

The weekend program will be announced here:

Conference room Host (M.C.) 4-5 Roles.
  • Whole Day          8.00am – 4.00pm (7 Hours)
  • Half Day             8:00 – 12:300pm or 12:30pm – 4:30pm (4 Hours)

Host/MC’s are responsible for introducing speakers, keeping speakers on schedule if they’re running over, and announcing breaks.
Morning, afternoon tea and lunch provided. 

  • You will liaise with the speakers when they arrive to ensure they have all the necessary equipment, help load their power point presentation and provide a session headcount on your running order.
  • You will be provided with a running order of the rooms schedule with notes on each of the speakers you will be introducing. This is a great way to network with the conference speakers and attendees.
  • You will initiate and manage the conference proceedings in a room and need to have confidence in public speaking.
Registration and Wayfinding: 10 Roles.
  • Whole Day: 7.30am – 4:00pm (8.5 hours)

Registration and wayfinding volunteers are responsible for welcoming attendees and distributing registration materials. Attendees will expect you to have the answer to everything, so familiarise yourself with the conference schedule, Conference site map and the room and toilet locations, etc.

You will be rostered on for different shift times so you will have time to also see the speakers and workshops.

Morning, afternoon tea and lunch provided. 

  • Registration:  8am – 10am Assist in checking attendees.
  • Wayfinding: 8am – 4.00pm Help patrons way find through the day. Some wayfinding shifts will be assisting some of our valuable older Landcare members who have mobility limitations, such as wheelchair, walker frame or blindness, navigate the venue and enjoy the talks or workshops they’re interested in attending. Please let us know if you are especially interested in one of these shifts.
Video Recording of Rooms: 5 Roles.
  • Whole Day: 7.30am – 4:00pm (8.5 hours)

Confident with a camera or camera phone? We need people to record the stages of each room of the conference so we can share speakers they loved or missed with attendees after the event. Camera and tripod will be provided.
You will be rostered on to one room for the duration of the event.

Morning, afternoon tea and lunch provided. 

  • Make sure camera equipment is working and recording while speakers are on
  • Alert the event team if anything goes wrong

Awards Gala Dinner

Saturday 2 October, Tailrace Centre.

Registration and Wayfinding: 4 Roles.
  • Evening: 4.30pm – 10:00pm (5.5 hours)

Registration and wayfinding volunteers are responsible for welcoming guests and helping them find their seats. Guests will expect you to have the answer to everything, so familiarise yourself with the award schedule, venue map, toilet locations, etc.

You will get to see all the amazing nominees and winners, as well as get a delicious dinner. The start of the night will be busy, but you will get to relax and enjoy the event once all the guests have arrived. Help with the bump out would also be hugely appreciated to make it as quick as possible. 

Dinner is provided. 

  • Help with the venue change over
  • Great, seat and usher awards dinner patrons from 6.30pm - 7.30pm.

Field Trips

Sunday 3 October, around northern Tasmania: 8 Roles. 
  • Whole Day: Sunday 3 October, 8.30am – 4.30pm (8 Hours)

There are 4 different trips around southern Tasmania to a range of different Landcare sites and activities. Once the field trips are announced, please indicate the first and second preference you would like to go on. They will have different start and finish times. Please refer to the program for exact details. 

1 - 2 volunteers will be rostered on per trip to help the facilitators:

  • people wrangle
  • hand out lunch
  • answer attendee questions

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1. How do you register interest to volunteer at the Tasmanian Community Landcare Conference 2021?

Read the volunteering guidelines above and Click here to register.

2. Who is eligible to volunteer at the 2021 Community Landcare Conference?

Anyone who has a conversational level of English and is at least 18 years old at the time of the event. We welcome applications from people from across the state and are looking forward to working with a diverse, enthusiastic group of volunteers.

3. Will Landcare Tasmania cover my costs?

Landcare Tasmania does not cover volunteers’ travel or accommodation costs. Volunteers will receive meals on the days they are working on set up and events. If you need help getting to and from Launceston, or would like to apply to stay with someone in the accommodation billeting, please let us know.

4. How many shifts do I have to complete?

Volunteers will complete no more than 3 shifts across the days of the conference. The number of shifts you complete, their times, and their length depends on your assignment and your availability. Everyone will be scheduled a meal break along with shorter breaks throughout their shift where possible.

5. Will I receive training before my first shift? 

We will provide volunteers with a written briefing and run through the program, your volunteer role/s and answer any questions the day of your shifts. Date and location will be confirmed before the event.

6. When do applications close?

Volunteer positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. While applications are open, you can register your interest in what roles you would like to volunteer. A follow up phone call and email will confirm your position. Please note that we cannot guarantee the volunteer position you have applied for.

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Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here? 

Please email us at [email protected]  with any other questions.


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