Creek Restoration, School Garden, and Ocean Ecosystems with Montrose Bay High Landcare Program

Montrose Bay High have been going gangbusters with all things Landcare.  From creek restoration, to a pumping spring veggie patch, to ocean ecosystems learning, the kids are learning how to keep their patch happening and healthy. 

Creek Restoration


Creek restoration planting begun at the start of term with the Year 8 and Year 9 Landcare groups.

The aim of the planting is to provide habitat for wildlife (birds, insects, small mammals, platypuses, and our famous ducks!), improve water quality (plants help filter water) and increase biodiversity in the water, reduce creek bank erosion, and add to the school's already incredible aesthetics!

The kids really enjoyed the planting and learnt how to properly plant a tree and install tree guards (thank you to Plants of Tasmania for the plants, and 24 Carrot Gardens for the guards and stakes!). 


Ocean Ecosystems with Chloe Power 

Chloe Power, Marine Biologist and guest speaker, gave a presentation to the Year 9/10 Environmental Studies class about Zooplankton, why ocean ecosystem health is important, and her time in Antarctica.

She then played an Antarctic Food Web game with the students to explain the importance of keystone species, predators, and ecosystem health.

She also provided the students with samples of krill, zooplankton, and other species collected in Antarctica, which the students looked at both with microscopes and their eyes.

The students found this class very engaging, particularly the Antarctic Food Web Game, and asked Chloe lots of great questions about her work and career opportunities in marine biology and Antarctica in general. More information on Chloe here

The Veggie Patch 

The veggie garden is absolutely pumping at the moment!! Spring is well underway, the famous tomatoes have mostly gone in, and lettuces, broad beans, radishes, and beetroot have been harvested. 

All Images courtesy of © Evie Drinnan