Doris Blaesing

Keynote Speaker

Sustainable Agriculture means looking after the 3 Ps - Planet, People, Productivity.

Looking after the planet and its people means to:

  1. look after the small things, especially soil life - the soil nurtures all life on Earth (apart from the oceans). A video with Colin Houston, Southern Fields, gives an example of growers looking after soil.
  2. look after the big issues like climate change; a changing climate will strongly affect the next generation. It will affect how they look after the land and its resources because conditions will be different, and policies and regulations will have changed. Anthony Houston, Houston’s Farm, will talk about his outlook.

What does this mean for farming? Farms with low emissions not only have a low impact on climate, they have higher productivity and resilience to deal with changing, less predictable conditions, they are sustainable and look after the 3 Ps. We bring examples from the Tasmanian Carbon Farming project

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