Ecological Restoration Workshop with Todd Dudley

7th October 2022 |

On Saturday the 29th of October, Landcare Tasmania is holding a free workshop on all things ecological restoration. 

Joining us will be guest speaker and restoration expert Todd Dudley, who leads the North East Bioregional Network (NEBN). Just two of his many achievements are winning the Peter Rawlinson Award in 2018 in recognition of over 20 years of ecological restoration, and taking home the Australian Government’s Individual Landcare Award in 2021.

Todd will talk to workshop goers in detail about ecological restoration. The workshop will include a visit to a nearby private property, where workshop goers will see examples of different vegetation types including native forest, riparian zones, pasture and plantation, all of which have different ecological needs.

Attending this workshop will give you practical knowledge and skills to undertake your own restoration project. Whether you have a project in mind or are simply interested in learning more about ecosystems and the natural values of your area, this will be a beneficial workshop for you. 

Please wear clothing and footwear suited to the outdoors.

This workshop is part of Landcare Tasmania’s landscape-scale project: The Northern Slopes Landscape Project, bringing together Landcare members working on common issues to create a long term benefit at a landscape-scale.