Fixing Penguin Fencing - Cooee Camdale Coastcare

During the 2017-2018 breeding season, numerous Little Penguins were killed on the Bass Highway
between Cooee Point and Camdale. This was because the existing penguin fence had not been
maintained for a period of time and subsidence beneath the fence allowed penguins to burrow
underneath, whilst an overgrowth of vegetation has also provided access for penguins to climb over
the fence.

Our tasks include:

  • Cutting back Coastal Wattles (Acacia sophorae) from the fence line
  • Clearing ground covers and grasses to 1⁄2 a metre either side of the fence
  • Securing the base of the fence so that penguins cannot burrow underneath
  • In-filling areas of subsidence and taking measures to limit future subsidence
  • Ensuring that the full length of the fence reaches the minimum height of 50cm
  • Ensuring that, where we have excluded penguins from previous nesting sites outside the fence,
    we provide artificial burrows in suitable areas.

We are currently holding 2 working bees each week and during July these will be held on Wednesdays
(10am – 12pm) and Sundays (10am until we’ve had enough). Contact Kathy if you're interested in volunteering. 

Download the full file HERE

July 04, 2018 at 10:00am - 12pm
Contact organiser for details
Bass Highway
Cooee Point, TAS 7320
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Kathy Grieveson · · 0437 565 672