Friends of Wellington Park working bee - June

Contact Peter for further details, and the correct start time, of our next working bee, come join us on Mount Wellington.

Here's a bit about our last working bee at the Glen Dhu fire trail (near Collins Cap) to give you an idea about what we get up to:

"We had a crew of eight plus Joss from Parks & Wildlife Service. The weather was sunny, calm and quite mild for the time of year.

Two volunteers used hedge trimmers to clear part of the Collins Cap walking track, while the others headed down to the first Glen Dhu weed site underneath Collins Cap, originally cleared in 2002. No new weeds were found. This site was the first action for what became the Friends of Wellington Park and was assisted by Jean Taylor and John Hamilton. It has been clear of woody weeds since 2004.

800 metres further down is an area badly burnt in the February 2013 wildfire, and it’s surmised that fire gave rise to some of the weeds located this time - substantial numbers of Erica up to 20 cm tall which took 7 of us 50 minutes to clear. The final spot for the day has always been a difficult location, and it took us 55 minutes to clear.

We had a 45-minute climb back to the vehicle, lunch and an early finish to a delightful day in the bush."

June 05, 2018 at 9:00am - 12pm
Contact the organiser for details
Peter · 6228 4889