Resources for Community Gardening and Permaculture

Community gardening

Want to get involved with community gardening or permaculture but don't know where to start? Already dipped your toes in but want some extra tips and spaces for discussion? Check out the list of resources below.  Not what you're looking for? Let us know

Increasing numbers of people are getting involved with community gardens to share accessible, fresh, organic and low-cost produce with the community.  These spaces can be a great place for people to meet, share and grow food (especially when you may lack a backyard!).  Community connections, land management, and physical and mental wellbeing are some of the benefits of community gardens. 

Artist: Lucy Everitt 

Community Gardens Australia is an incorporated, non-profit association working to link people interested in community gardening around Australia. It is a platform for people interested in city farms, community gardening, food gardening in schools and other community food systems.  

Community Gardens Australia - Tasmania is the Tasmanian group of Community Gardens Australia.  You can find fresh, up-to-date information on their Facebook page

The Tasmanian Climate Change Office offer practical tips on community gardening and 'permablitz' working bees. 

The Community Gardens Manual has been developed to assist individuals and groups to set up a community garden or food-growing space.  The manual is based on the experiences of regional Victorian communities who were involved in a Community Based Gardening Project. 

More tips on How to Start A Community Garden including comprehensive advice on dealing with local councils. 

Community Gardens of Tassie 

Image: The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Food Garden 

The Tasmanian Community Food Garden is located in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and showcases best practice principles in organic and sustainable food gardening.  It was established by the well-known gardener Peter Cundall. 

Kingston Community Garden is a community garden where locals can rent garden beds and enjoy communal produce. 

Devonport Community House Garden welcomes all groups within the community to hire a plot in the garden. 

Community Gardens in Clarence connects you to the growing number of community gardens in Clarence.

West Moonah Community House is a social hub featuring a community garden and food co-op.  



Permaculture is consciously designed landscape which mimics the patterns and relationships found in nature while yielding an abundance of food, fibre and energy.  The ethics and design principles of permaculture were developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in Tasmania. You can watch a great introduction to permaculture by David here.    

Permaculture Tasmania is a non-profit which encourages discussion on Permaculture practices and activities across Tasmania, sharing ideas, skills and building community networks. 

Image: Permaculture legend Hannah Maloney

Good Life Permaculture is a Hobart-based group providing permaculture design services for gardens, community land or smallholdings, as well as sustainability workshops and courses. 

Essence of Permaculture (PDF) provides an accessible introduction to permaculture concepts and principles. 

Permaculture fact sheet by Gardening Australia.

Tips on starting a Permaculture Garden:


Other Resources: 

Image: Celebrity Gardening Guru Tino Carnevale 

How to plant your garden by Clarence City Council

Sowing and planting guide for each month in Tasmania