Glyphosate: A Chemical to Understand

The Invasive Species Council have published a report written by Ecologist Tim Low on the hazards and risks of glyphosate use for weed control. 

Glyphosate has come under much scrutiny in the media due to findings from the International Agency for Research on Cancer of its potential to cause cancer in humans.  Some countries have even banned the use of glyphosate, while others have deemed it safe. Why such stark differences?

The Invasive Species Council have published an evidence-based report to provide some perspective on the hazards and the risks of glyphosate use for weed management, and what a glyphosate ban might mean for conservation as well as primary production.

Quoting from the Introduction to the report: 

"The Invasive Species Council has produced this report in an attempt to reconcile the conflicting findings, and to consider the outcomes if Australia bans glyphosate. The Invasive Species Council is an independent environmental organisation that works for better policies to reduce the environmental impacts of invasive species. The views expressed in the report are those of its author, Tim Low, not those of the
council. " - Invasive Species Council

Download the report here