Howrah Primary School Tree Planting Project

25th Nov 2022 | 

Over the last two years, students from Howrah Primary School have been hard at work planting and maintaining trees on their school ground.

Image: Adam Holmstrom 

Supported by Glebe Hill Bushland Reserve Landcare Group (GHBRLG) and Clarence City Council, Howrah Primary School students have planted over 1,000 endemic trees over the last 2 years! Their work is creating essential habitat, through building a bandicoot bunker and biodiversity corridor. By boosting bandicoot numbers, they're ensuring that predator species such as the Wedge-Tailed Eagle have plenty of food. 

Image: Adam Holmstrom 

Howrah Primary is a part of our Citizen Science Program, which aims to connect students to the natural places in and around their school environments, and we recently ran workshops at the school to examine its natural values. 

Check out this drone footage from the June planting, which showcases the scale of the work these students have been doing:

Adam Holmstrom, founder of the GHBRLG said "We have been inspired by the student's eager involvement in fostering their planting establishment with regular mulching, watering and weeding working bees..." Well done to the students of Howrah Primary, you're doing amazing work! 



Image: Adam Holmstrom 


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