Corporate Volunteering Day with KPMG, Landcare and Bushcare at Hobart Rivulet

26th April 2024 |

Last week, over 350 corporate volunteers from KPMG swapped regular office-based work and routines for days spent as landcarers nationwide. Landcare Tasmania, together with City of Hobart Bushcare, hosted 29 enthusiastic participants from KPMG Hobart for a full-day exploration and working bee at the much-loved Hobart Rivulet. 

Image: KPMG Hobart after a day-long working bee at the Hobart Rivulet

An excellent day was had by the enthusiastic KPMG team, who got their hands dirty to tackle weeds along the rivulet. Starting at 9:30am and working until 4pm, the team split into two to tackle four sites along the rivulet.

Participants helped remove cotoneaster, English broom, gorse, elderberry and sycamore, removing an estimated 100kg of noxious weeds from the environment. 

Images: Participants worked hard on some woody weeds

"The KPMG Hobart team got stuck in without hesitation. It was a great chance to get out in nature, have some fun, and chat about a range of sustainability issues too." - Peter Stronach CEO Landcare Tasmania

"We couldn't help but mention The Platypus Guardian, and we talked about some threats to Platypus habitat in the area" said Mr Stronach.

Attendees also got the chance to plant some Tasmanian flax-lily (Dianella tasmanica), Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon), White Gums (Eucalyptus viminalis), and Prickly Acacia (Acacia verticillata).  

Image: Bec Johnson from City of Hobart had a wealth of knowledge to share

Bec Johnson, City of Hobart Team Leader, led a session on waste segregation, discussing some of the common misconceptions about what can be recycled, composted, or what needs to go to Landfill. The session stimulated a great discussion about office waste and some of the common misunderstandings surrounding different waste products, particularly the new 'compostable' and 'biodegradable' food packaging available. 

"A major benefit of a day like this is the opportunity to share environmental messages and conservation perspectives with interested professionals.  It was a great chance to connect to people with messages about protecting native biodiversity, rodenticides, waste reduction and waste management" said Bec Johnson, team leader with City of Hobart. 

We would also like to acknowledge Christine Ludford, volunteer, who came along on the day to meet the KPMG group and represent our hardworking Bushcare volunteers. Christine has worked for years to restore a stretch of rivulet behind her garden, and now it’s a lovely shady fernery with frequent visits from the local platypus.

To cap off the day, the KPMG continued the journey along the Hobart rivulet to find themselves at the Cascade Brewery for some well-deserved refreshments. 

A big thanks to the KPMG team, Bec Johnson from City of Hobart, Bill Harvey for volunteering on the day, Landcare Tasmania staff, and to Landcare Australia for coordinating the event and corporate partnership.