Biodiversity and Landcaring Grants

Statewide Conservation Projects

Landcare Tasmania has run a number of large grants to support groups and individuals across Tasmania in Landcare based activities. The Landcare Biodiversity Grants and Tasmanian Landcare Grants are examples of Landcare Tasmania’s state-wide devolved grant programs which aim at protecting and enhancing high conservation value bushland and controlling weeds in Tasmania.

Landcare Biodiversity Grants 

Image: Friends of Bass Strait Islands, Protection of shorebird habitat and coastal vegetation on Roydon Island 

Between 2012 & 2015, the Landcare Biodiversity Grants were able to:

  • Provide a $1.7 million state-wide project supporting the community in protecting high conservation areas across Tasmania
  • Develop and support 67 projects with 144 sites throughout Tasmania
  • Engage with community including 129 landholders and 32 community groups
  • Remove threats from over 4,100 hectares of high conservation value vegetation communities
  • Protect and enhance over 1,800 hectares of vegetation communities in good condition
  • Undertake activities on over 360 hectares of land with high natural regeneration and biodiverse plantings.

Improving the knowledge and empowering land managers through funding and extension ensured that funds were directed to the most appropriate on-ground locations.

Click Here for the Clickable Map of Landcare Biodiversity Grants, with detailed project information

Tasmanian Landcare Grants 
The Tasmanian Landcare Grants (TLG) project was a devolved grants program delivered across Tasmania from 2009-2012. It was a project of Landcare Tasmania in partnership with Wildcare through funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country (CfOC) program. The TLG engaged community groups and individuals throughout Tasmania by providing small-scale funding (up to $20,000) for activities that contributed to Caring for our Country targets.
  • 43 projects were funded
  • $496k of project funds were delivered on ground
  • In kind contribution of participants was valued at $748k
  • All objectives for the project were over-delivered by between 163% and 1,265% of contracted obligations
  • 49 community groups participated in the project, with around 1,000 volunteers involved
  • 632 ha of threatened species habitat were protected
  • 707 ha of infestations of Weeds of National Significance were controlled

Click Here for the Clickable Map of Tasmania Landcare Grants, with detailed project information



 “The Grant allowed us to establish a weed free zone along the main fire trail and recreation track in the reserve.

We’ve loved the bush all our lives and enjoyed the recreation it has given us, so it is a pleasure to give back a little.”

Jean - Friends of Coningham Wildcare