Lauren Faulkner

Poppy’s Story: A wombat’s journey to recovery from mange. 

Bare-nosed wombats are silently suffering and slowly disappearing as they succumb to the ravages of mange, caused by an introduced parasite. Wombat Rescue Tasmania is a self-funded community group that responds to public sightings of mangy wombats by sending out free treatment kits and organising treatment programs throughout Tasmania.  Poppy was just one of many wombats that volunteers have located out in the daytime, covered in crusty scabs, with painful fissures beginning to crack open.  To treat mange, volunteers use the chemical, Cydectin, under permit, either by direct application or by dispensing it via a burrow flap placed in front of the entrance. The burrow flap method is labour intensive and requires a significant commitment by volunteers.  It is also requires landowners to get onboard.  With their permission, we can locate burrows, set up camera traps and flaps, and give wombats like Poppy a chance to live healthy lives in the wild.