Monitoring Your Patch - A Citizen Science Workshop

16th Jan 2023 | 

This Saturday we'll be getting together with north-west locals for a huge day of citizen science!

This workshop will be a highly practical session which will build skills for everyday community members to monitor the environmental health of their local area. We hope participants will leave the workshop feeling confident to collect data by themselves.
By the end of the workshop, every participant will have successfully identified plants, identified evidence of specific animals, set up a wildlife monitoring camera, made a bird recording, familiarised themselves with a GPS, made a GPS point, and been introduced to a database app such as the Natural Values Atlas.
This type of data collection is underpinned by the National Standards for Ecological Restoration in Australia which helps to guide what data to collect and how it can be used for best practice environmental management.
Participants will also be introduced to practical guides, resources and a strong network of local experts to can call on for a range of Landcare needs!

Collecting environmental data means working towards enriching awareness of what’s in the area – and where to take our management plans.  We’re excited to help local Landcarers with some simple techniques to monitor the biodiversity of their local environment. 

The workshop is part of Landcare Tasmania's Outreach Program and is supported by Gavin Pearce MP through the State Government’s Braddon Volunteer Grants and the JM Robert’s Charitable Trust.