Nadiah Roslan


Connecting communities to citizen science and climate change monitoring, through ClimateWatch 

When it comes to the challenge of climate change, Earthwatch’s program, ClimateWatch, allowsanyone, anywhere in Australiato get involved. Free ClimateWatchresources focus on climate change and phenology - the seasonal events in nature and how these relate to climate.

Although phenology is one of the most ubiquitous responsesto climate warming, not much is known for the Southern Hemisphere. To date, over 110,000 ClimateWatchobservations contribute to a nation-wide dataset on how flora and fauna are responding to climate change. ClimateWatch is one way that Landcarers can help fill biodiversity knowledge gaps on a local scale while contributing to a nation-wide study.

This presentation will share tools to engage community in climate change science, followed by ways in which ClimateWatch, Australia’s national citizen science phenology program, can be used by Landcarersover the long-term.