Native Plant Workshop in Queenstown

28th Sept 2022 | 

Growing your own native plants is easy, cheap and enjoyable – this was the message at our most recent native plant workshop in Queenstown. 

Image: © Marion Abraham 

Ruth Mollison of Island Seeds presented the workshop, supported by Landcare Tasmania.

Participants learnt how to collect, clean and store native seeds collected from the bush (with the appropriate permit if it is from crown land, or a threatened species).

“After a practice session indoors sieving seeds -including checking out the results with a magnifying glass -everyone moved outside for a demonstration in planting seeds” said Ruth Mollison, owner of Island Seeds.

Image: © Marion Abraham 

There are a few things to consider to get the balance just right for your plants to grow and thrive, says Ruth. 

“Some species need soaking in hot water to hasten germination, others require light to trigger germination” she said.

A simple technique for striking plants from cuttings was also demonstrated, with some pre- grown plants complete with roots, used as part of the demonstration.

Image: © Marion Abraham 

Fortified by a generous afternoon tea, everyone then had a go at filling up a Styrofoam box with forestry tubes sown with native seeds.

Ruth said the box “acts as a mini greenhouse keeping the tubes upright and warm to encourage germination.”

Everyone went home with a Styrofoam box of forestry tubes, and cuttings ready to give growing native plants a go.

This workshop forms part of our Outreach Program which aims to increase capacity for Landcarers so that all our land and coasts can be cared for by the community.  Funded by the Australian Government Volunteer Grants and supported by MP Gavin Pearce.