Penguin Rehab and Release Volunteer Information


Do you have a passion for penguins?

12 Sept 2022 - Penguin Rehab and Release announces their annual Volunteer Intake coming up soon, kicking off with an Information Evening on Wednesday 19th October at the Cradle Coast Authority in Burnie. This will be followed 10 days later with a training day on-site (Saturday 29th October).

Can you pitch in?

We are really hoping to find a lot of people with strong backs who don't mind getting variously hot and sweaty, and/or wet and cold. All for a great
cause, of course.

It is always a thrill to see the birds released, and know that you had a part in that. And, it's really special to be able to get to know some the personalities that come through - e.g., a managing matron (kind, fair and also firm); a mothering mumma (feeding fledglings because she missed her own babies); stroppy and cantankerous; wild and savage; and, yet another, cheerful through all that life could throw at him. It's also the best workout you can get: build your core strength, improve cardio, slim down and build up - the more often you come along, the greater the benefits. And, no gym fees.

We are also always looking to expand our network of community members throughout the North West who might be able to assist with transporting penguins to our facility from veterinary clinics or their initial rescue sites.

More info:

Download PDF Flyer for Information Evening, 19th Oct at Cradle Coast Authority in Burnie

Download PDF Penguin Rehab & Release flyer 

Download PDF Seabird Rescue and Transport information