2019 Conference Field Trip - Bruny Island

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Threatened species habitat, wildlife, swift parrots and coastal rehabilitation. Bruny Island Game meats for lunch and talk. 

  • Registration at Blundstone Arena opens from 7.40am
  • Departing Blundstone Arena at 8.00am
  • Arrive at Kettering – for ferry at 8.50am     
  • Dennes Point – Coast care walk and talk with Giselle Nathan
  • Lunch at Bruny Island Game Meats
  • Tour at Inala Nature reserve - where you will have two options: the Gondwana Garden and the Nature Museum and see the Raptor photography hide set up for raptor conservation, or a 45 min walk to see the Forty spotted Pardalote habitat and platform, discuss the Swift Parrot habitat and conservation.
  • Adventure Bay walk and talk with spectacular views, and some amazing coastal rehabilitation, if you have sharp eyes you might see some swift parrots and white wallabies.
  • Ferry Back: 4.30pm or 5pm departure.

Drive time 4 hours.  4 hours for talks and lunch.  8.30am – 5pm  9.5 hours total.

Swift parrot photo by Chris Tzaros, pademelon photo by Inala

October 27, 2019 at 8:00am - 4:30pm
Leave from Blundstone Arena
Kat Traill

6234 7117
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