Rachel Brown


Every cow out of every creek in Tasmania by 2030

Tasmania contains 12% of Australia’s freshwater resources across 0.85% of Australia’s land area. Much of the valuable freshwater resource is unprotected and on private land.
Livestock accessing waterways are a significant source of pathogen, sediment and nutrient pollution on private land. 

The “Clean Rivers” program has worked with 180 farmers to do practical projects protecting and improving water quality on farms.  The vision of this program has been “Every farmer is happy to swim, fish and drink the water downstream of their farm.”
It is time to accelerate the “Cows out of Creeks” focus with a combination of incentive and regulatory approaches. 

There are multiple benefits with improved water quality, improved animal welfare with shade, shelter and clean drinking water, biodiversity, carbon sequestration and enhanced recreational and aesthetic values.  There are challenges but we’ve got to do this!