Sustainable Farms Field Day

20th April 2022

We are delighted to be hosting a free field day on sustainability and integrated pest management on farms. The program will provide insights for wine makers, farmers and other landholders alike. 

As part of our 2022 Outreach Program we are excited to offer a rich program of speakers joining us on-farm to share knowledge on sustainable farming and integrated pest management.  In the beautiful landscape of Jansz vineyard we will hear valuable insights from viticulture specialists and biocontrol experts that can be applied to viticulture, farming and other land uses. 

We look forward to bringing together members of the community, researchers and seasoned sustainable viticulturalists to share learnings in a diverse array of sustainability farming principles.  From climate risk, water asset management, organic farming, farm ecology, biodynamics, non-chemical weed control and more.  An essential workshop for those endeavouring to farm for the future and nurture our environment for generations to come.  

Join us! Register here.