The birds of your backyard

An opportunity to contribute valuable data through citizen science is here with the Birds in Backyards Autumn Survey. 

BirdLife Australia have opened their Autumn Birds In Backyards Survey.  This year, many of us are spending most of our time at our homes – a great time to get to know the birds in our backyards!  Your data tells BirdLife Australia some important information about how birds are responding to different gardens and human behaviour. 

The focus of the Autumn Survey is ‘what unusual or unexpected birds are turning up in your backyard?’

Since the unprecedented impacts of the fire season, many bird communities have lost resources and refuge.  There have been accounts of unusual birds turning up in places which they wouldn’t usually - or at the extremes of their range.  BirdLife Australia want to know more about these incidences, and that’s where you can help!

What you will need to join the survey:

  • Get acquainted with Birdata: you will have to make an account and from there you can access the portal and app.
  • Birdata will give you a list of birds (with photos) which are known to be in your area. You can also use Bird Finder to add names of birds not in the list.
  • Get recording! You will need to fill in some details about your garden, and then spend a 20 minute block recording the birds that come to you.
  • You can add photos, give extra details, record behaviour etc.

BirdLife Australia has a free video where you can learn simple bird ID tips if you're just starting out -  Birding 101: Tips & Tricks for Beginner Birders  Happy watching!