Time to order plants for 2024!

6th September 2023 |

Are you or your organisation planning to plant Tasmanian native trees, shrubs, grasses or groundcovers during the 2024 planting season (autumn to end of winter)?  Propagation is now underway at the Understorey Network’s Tolosa Park nursery. 


Image: Rowiina Howard

If you have upcoming planting projects, we are happy to receive your order and grow to your specific requirements (seed stock dependent).

We have the greatest probability of being able to fulfill orders placed BEFORE the end of September 2023.

Most plants are in forestry tubes.

Prices for tubestock will be $2.25 per tube for orders of 100 or more and $2.75 each for orders under 100 plants.

Some plants will be in small round pots.

Prices for pots will be $3.00 per pot for orders of 100 or more and $3.50 each for orders under 100 plants.

An indicative list of plants is included. You will see that there are some exciting additions this year….native laurel, mountain pepper, waratah and others. Prices for these might vary depending on degree of propagation difficulty.

To help decide what plants are suitable for your area check out the municipality plant lists on the Understorey Network website. http://www.understorey-network.org.au/municipalities.html

Orders can be placed by emailing the Understorey Network Inc at [email protected]

Please write in the Subject Line: Order for (Your Name or Your Organisation Name)

For more information, please contact Amanda on 0435 085 458. 

Need somewhere local to you? Check out our resource on revegetation including a list of statewide nurseries here: https://www.landcaretas.org.au/revegetation