Keynote Speaker

The practice and ethics of ecological restoration. A potential yet to be realised. 

Talking about the range of values generated by high quality ecological restoration work including ecological, practical, educational and ethical dimensions. The SER Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration in Australia will be referred to as a basis for guiding practitioners using a local case study (Restore Skyline Tier) as an example and with some discussion about reference ecosystems and the definition of ecological restoration. Socio economic values of restoration including land ethics will also be covered as it is my view that the moral (or ecocentric) values transmitted in what could be described as benevolent (as opposed to malevolent) ecological restoration are a critical element of biodiversity stewardship. In other words ecological restoration can facilitate an ecologically informed and ethically coherent sense of place.

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Skyline Tier Ecological Restoration, before and after photos: