TRAC Kingborough Landcare Group

TRAC Kingborough Landcare Group work to promote the leisure activity of horse riding with whilst having low impact to the natural environment. We promote the utilization of, where possible, existing fire trails and the connection of these through private properties or crown land with minimum disturbance. As part of these activities, TRAC undertakes working bees to maintain vegetation, control weeds and undertake other tasks as required, including fencing, community consultation and track maintenance.

Our work helps to enable horse riders to exercise their horses in relative safe away from vehicular disturbance and for children to ride safely to and from pony clubs. As urban areas expand it is important to preserve these trails for future generations and to preserve the rural and natural values of our area.  TRAC members continue to campaign for the preservation of recreational trails for use by walkers, horse riders and mountain bike riders in the Kingborough municipality.


Membership with Landcare Tasmania is supported by Kingborough Council

Primary Contact:

This information is provided for people to contact member groups about their community Landcare activities. Anyone wishing to distribute information generally to groups should contact Landcare Tasmania with their request.

Name: Eva Burns
Mobile phone: 0448228456
Email: [email protected]