Two days, two plantings

17th Nov 2022 | 

On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November we held  two volunteer planting days as part of our South East Landscape Project, to get some plants in the ground that were long overdue thanks to heavy rain. 

Images: The A team!

Due to such a late start, we needed to get these plants in the ground ASAP. It has been a very odd planting season -with winter and early spring being far too wet to plant in many places. Therefore, these plants were quite late getting in, and we needed lots of vollies from our Extra Hands network to lend a hand. 

Images: A big thanks to our Extra Hands vollies for donating their time  

On Saturday we visited a Landcare individual member's prime lamb property at Colebrook. His son and seven volunteers from across the south of the State worked together to plant 500 trees and shrubs to extend their existing tree break, planted last year as part of our previous landscape-scale project. It started off being a cloudy day, but ended with sunshine, overall  a beautiful day to plant. 

Image: Success! 500 plants in the ground on a sunny Saturday

On Sunday, the weather was less kind to us, raining for most of the day. Despite that, we managed to plant 50 beautiful trees and shrubs along a ridge on an individual member's property next to Brinktop Hill at Richmond. Massive thank you to those of you who bravely turned up and worked hard before the rain got the better of us. 
Image: A soggier Sunday. Thanks to those who braved the wet! 
These two plantings were an example of how important our extra hands network is in ensuring the success of projects, some of which may be set back due to factors outside of our control. We wish to thank all volunteers who helped out from the bottom of our hearts - we value you so much! 
This project is part of our Landscape Restoration Program, which aims to bring together several members working on common issues, to gain a greater long-term benefit at a landscape scale. Funded by: State Government Landcare Action Grants