Vishnu Prahalad

Keynote Speaker

An overview of coastal saltmarsh management, monitoring and restoration in Tasmania: past, present and future


Tasmanian coastal saltmarshes are recognised as a threatened ecological community under Australian federal legislation. There is a need to improve our understanding of the ecology, changes and management of our coastal saltmarshes and identify knowledge gaps and land care priorities that could assist recovery. This presentation provides an overview of an expert-led systematic review of the current knowledge on Tasmanian coastal saltmarshes. The review identified 69 studies undertaken from 1947 to 2019, with over two-thirds (70%) of the work produced in the past decade. Current knowledge relates to saltmarsh plants, soils (including soil carbon), invertebrates and human impacts with on-going studies, including through citizen science, adding to this knowledge base. The review highlights key areas where further research is required to assist in conservation and recovery action. Care groups play an important role in coastal saltmarsh management, monitoring and restoration in Tasmania and can help advance better land management more broadly.