Weed ID Workshop #1

10th May 2023 | 

We kicked off our May Weed ID workshop series with a fantastic session in Woodbridge.  Workshop-ers brought several specimens of weeds from their backyards for us to identify. 

A big thanks to our expert Cassie Strain for sharing a wealth of Weed ID wisdom. Cassie is a fantastic communicator and helped us immensely with identifying weeds and discussing control methods.
Participants were eager to learn and brought a variety of weed specimens from their patch - we spent some time identifying most of the weeds brought in with help from Cassie and some resource books. Cassie had some great advice and there was some healthy debate about different weed control methods. Cassie shared some her favourite weed control tools, too (including a pretty bad-ass tool belt!)
The session was great for delivering practical skills on handling weeds and restoring a landscape in a way that preserves existing biodiversity - without being overwhelming.
There was a lot of interest in native plants too, with a few asking when the native plant id workshop is happening!
Thanks to all who came along, to Belinda for volunteering, to Cassie for presented and to Ben for hosting this valuable workshop.
We were also happy to share Match it in May fundraiser as a great opportunity for those who came along to really get a bang for their buck if they want to see more workshops happening!

This workshop is a part of Landcare Tasmania's Landscape Restoration and Community Outreach programs funded by the State Government's Landcare Action Grants Round 6.