When weeds don't obey property lines

What do we do when weeds don't obey property lines? Landcare Tasmania's acting chief executive, Peter Stronach is on ABC's Tasmanian Country Hour to discuss collaborative gorse management with Fiona Breen.

Peter Stronach tells the team at Tas Country Hour that we have seen significantly more collaboration when it comes to gorse management in the last decade. 

"Weeds can cause major headaches for farmers, and while you might do everything to get rid of them - your neighbour might have a more hands off approach. " says Fiona. 

"Landcare Tasmania has run a number of large programs across the state in the last ten years." says Peter.  "We are talking about whole of catchment, or multiple properties... starting to control gorse across boundaries."

"We've got a lot of boundaries in terms of who owns land, but weeds and gorse, they don't necessarily abide by those fencing boundaries, so you need everybody on board." says Peter.

Peter told Fiona that in the last ten years, we have noticed a lot more collaboration to tackle large areas of gorse infestation. 

"It is imperative that that happens, and that goes for any weed, really" says Peter.  

"Landcare Tas really tried hard to bring people together, and show them that it was a bigger problem than just their property, and I think that really encouraged those people that might not go out and do a bit of follow up to go out and do it because they know their neighbours are doing it too." 

You can watch the full episode of Tasmanian Country Hour here