Workshop: Making sure your plants thrive

30th June 2022 |

On Monday 27th June, Landcare Tasmania members enjoyed a free workshop learning how to grow native plants successfully.

This 'Revegetation Techniques' workshop brought together local Landcarers to gain practical skills for successful revegetation projects. 

The workshop focused on how to plant native Tasmanian plants from seedlings. Guest speaker, Herbert Staubmann of Habitat plants, guided us through the process of selecting which plants to use, how to prepare the ground, and how to maintain the plants to thrive. Attendees were a mix of large and small farmers, and other property owners with a variety of experience with native plants. All these backgrounds were addressed, and techniques using machinery, as well as manual work were covered. 

We were delighted to have Herbert on board, an expert and legend who has been growing native plants for 35 years. He has extensive experience in working with farmers and other landowners, designing plantings for biodiversity, production, and other landscape benefits. This workshop was an excellent opportunity for Landcare Tasmania members to hear from an expert and take inspiration for their own projects. 

Landcare Tasmania’s Project Officer Joy Pfleger said “We hope to empower the community with the skills and network they need to undertake their own restoration projects effectively."


The workshop was part of Landcare Tasmania’s landscape-scale project: The Northern Slopes Landscape Project, bringing together several Landcare members working on common issues to create a long term benefit at a landscape-scale. 


This workshop was supported by the Tasmanian Government’s Landcare Action Grants.