Preserving Nature's Masterpieces: Landcare Tasmania's Fundraising Art Auction

We are excited to launch the Match it in May fundraising Art Auction.  This online auction brings together art enthusiasts, environmentalists, and philanthropists who share a passion for protecting lutruwita/Tasmania's communities and environment. As part of our double donations month, proceeds from the auction will be matched dollar for dollar. 

Auction closes Monday 29th May.

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The Power of Art and Environmental Advocacy

Image: Rob Blakers, 'Snowgums, Navarre plains' 

Art has the extraordinary ability to inspire, provoke thought, and evoke emotions.  It can captivate hearts and minds, and when used for a noble cause, it becomes a powerful catalyst for change.  Landcare Tasmania is harnessing the beauty of art to raise funds for preserving lutruwita/Tasmania's landscapes. With a remarkable collection of donated works from local artists who champion the environment, Landcare Tasmania's fundraising art auction promises an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the Tasmanian Landcare Fund and make a lasting impact on the preservation of lutruwita/Tasmania's unique ecosystems.

Artists possess a unique perspective, and are able to use their creative talents to raise awareness about crucial issues. By showcasing their work in support of Landcare Tasmania's fundraising art auction, these talented individuals are not only celebrating the beauty of Tasmania's landscapes but also lending their voices to the urgent need for environmental conservation.

The donated artworks reflect the artists' connection to the environment and their dedication to preserving it for future generations. Each brushstroke, color palette, and carefully crafted art piece tells a story.

The Fundraising Art Auction

Image: Ochre Bodhi, Kelp Plate

The collection of donated artworks spans a wide range of mediums, styles, and subjects. From breathtaking landscapes that capture the majesty of snow gums, to intricate wildlife portraits that depict Tasmania's unique flora and fauna, there is something to inspire and engage every art lover. Each piece is a testament to the artistic talent that lutruwita/Tasmania nurtures and the remarkable beauty of its surroundings.

The Artists

A huge thank you to the generous artists who have contributed work to this cause.  Together, we have received over $8,000 in art contributions to the auction.  As part of our double donations month, proceeds from your art purchase will be doubled, and go directly to the Tasmanian Landcare Fund. 

Angela Reiher

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Ochre Bodhi

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Maura Chamberlain 

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Sophie Underwood

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Rob Blakers

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Sue Stack

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Nicholas Blowers

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Nick Hills 

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Cindy Watkins

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Francesca Jewellery 

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Jennifer Cossins

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Deborah Wace

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Making a Difference: Supporting the Tasmanian Landcare Fund

The primary objective of the fundraising art auction is to generate financial support for the Tasmanian Landcare Fund. All proceeds from the auction will directly contribute to this vital fund, which plays a crucial role in supporting grassroots communities who work to preserve lutruwita/Tasmania's environment.

The Tasmanian Landcare Fund provides essential resources for on-ground projects, such as bush regeneration, habitat restoration, weed control, and erosion prevention. By actively engaging local communities, Landcare Tasmania ensures that these projects have a lasting impact and contribute to the overall health and sustainability of the Tasmanian landscape.

The Elsie Cameron foundation has pledged to match all donations to the fund this month.  That means all proceeds from this auction will be matched dollar for dollar. This month's matching initiative provides a unique opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of funds raised, making a significant difference in Landcare's ongoing efforts.

Participate and Preserve

Landcare Tasmania's fundraising art auction presents an exceptional opportunity for art enthusiasts, environmental advocates, and those passionate about preserving lutruwita/Tasmania's environments. By participating in this event, you not only acquire a magnificent piece of art but also become an integral part of the collective effort to safeguard Tasmania's unique ecosystems for future generations.

This online event engages like-minded individuals, artists, and environmental experts, forging connections that amplify our collective impact. Together, we can make a tangible difference and create a legacy of environmental stewardship.

Landcare Tasmania's fundraising art auction is a celebration of art, nature, and community. By bringing together local artists who champion the environment and passionate supporters, this event represents a powerful platform for change.