CEP Rodenticides Launch

16 Mar 2020. As autumn is upon us and mice, rats and other rodents are starting to seek warmer places to stay, today we had the pleasure of launching our Rodenticides Community Awareness project. 

Andrew_Wilkie__Julie_Collins__Rod_Knight_LandcareTasRodenticidesProg_©NatashaMulhall_web2.jpg Ameila_the_owl_LandcareTasRodenticidesProg_©NatashaMulhall_web2.jpg

With MPs Andrew Wilkie and Julie Collins, and avian experts and biodiversity supporters Peter Vaughan (University of Tasmania), Adam Cisterne (Australian National University) and Josh Pringle (Keep Tassie Wild), with Landcare Tasmania CEO Rod Knight.


The program is going ahead with funding from the Communities Environment Program in the Franklin and Clarke electorates, plus generous donations from Birdlife Australia's Twitchathon and Keep Tassie Wild.
Public info sessions were planned for the 5 top owl urban avian predator hot spots: Mountain River, Allens Rivulet, South Hobart, Taroona and Mount Rumney over the next 4 months, but these have been postponed due to the social distancing measures currently in place. We will reschedule as soon as restrictions are relaxed.

To read up on information about how to choose alternatives or better poisons for controlling rodents, visit our Rodenticides Community Awareness Program Page.Julie_Collins__Andrew_Wilkie__ROd_Knight_LandcareTasRodenticidesProg_©NatashaMulhall_web.jpgNMP_0877_LandcareTasRodenticidesProg_©NatashaMulhall_web.jpgAdam_Cisterne__Peter_Vaughan__Andrew_Wilkie__Julie_Collins_LandcareTasRodenticidesProg_©NatashaMulhall_web.jpgNMP_0922_LandcareTasRodenticidesProg_©NatashaMulhall_web.jpg 


Photos by the fantastic Natasha Mulhall


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