Coal River Valley Project

The Coal River Valley Project aims to increase both biodiversity and production on a number of planting sites within the Coal River Valley Landscape.


The Project

The Coal River Valley South East Tasmania Project was designed to facilitate sustainable management of natural and production systems across the landscape of south-east Tasmania. By generating long-term benefits for agricultural production and biodiversity assets with increasing education and awareness, we aimed to address future challenges presented by climate change.

As part of this project, Landcare Tasmania and planted over 8000 plants across 18 project sites and 11 grant recipients. 

There were 10 events held to support the delivery of landscape restoration projects. These covered best practices ecological restoration, integrated pest management, dung beetles release, native seed propagation and feral cat management, to provided local businesses and landholders with the tools, knowledge and networks needed to implement sustainable management practices and make their land more productive.

This project aimed to include the wider community and reflect community interest in the Coal River Valley. We engaged with stakeholders from the agricultural sector including the viticulture, horticultural, livestock and cropping industries.  

Events gallery 

Planting with Chris Gunn and UTAS Landcare Society 

Planting with Michael Munnings and 80 Options 


Feral Cat info session

Coal River Valley Field day at Ripple Farm © Huon Douglas 


Seed collection workshop © Yasmin Mund

Dung beetles on farms at Ripple Farm © Rachael Treasure 

 Waterbug workshop with John Gooderham © Evie Drinnan