Community Landcare movement growing strong at UTAS

Three vibrant UTAS Societies have joined the growing Landcare movement in the past year. 

The UTAS Landcare Society 

Landcare Tasmania welcomes the brand new UTAS Landcare Society.  Landcare Tas are helping this society develop an action packed bunch of activities around Tasmania so they can lend a hand to our groups and learn some valuable skills along the way. 

The UTAS Landcare Society is a diverse group of students who are passionate about their environment and value working on a local level to create a sustainable future.  This group aims to provide opportunities for members to participate in Landcare activities, and to learn skills in monitoring, surveying and successful execution of short- and long- term environmental management plans.  This group will be vital in facilitating access for a range of new people to enjoy and support Landcare projects.  

Already the UTAS Landcare Society have held a stall at UTAS Society's day and helped clean up Glebe Hill with the Glebe Hill Bushland Reserve Landcare Group for Clean Up Australia Day. 



The UTAS Biological Sciences Club

The UTAS Biological Sciences Club are an inclusive community of nature-loving biologists committed to providing opportunities for members of the society to explore the various aspects of the biological sciences and contribute to citizen science through ethical and educational field surveys.  

The aim of this club is to share accurate and accessible information on the natural values of Tasmania to further public education and recognition of our Tasmanian environments. All data gathered through the club will be recorded and made available to aid in further biological research and conservation projects.

This society will share their passion for the biological sciences through organised fieldtrips, fundraisers and other events that everyone can participate in. 

The University of Tasmania Avian Club

The University of Tasmania Avian Club is an inclusive community of bird watching enthusiasts committed to the identification, observation, and appreciation of Tasmanian birds within their natural habitats. The club provides their members with the therapeutic experience of bird watching while conducting bird surveys and gaining observational education. The club offers membership to non-students as they aim to create a diverse community with people of different experiences and knowledge. 

The club are committed to ethical bird watching practices which promote public awareness and respect of all native and introduced birds species of Tasmania, as well and the environments that they live in. The aim of the club is to share accurate and accessible information on the calls, characteristics, behaviours, location and habitats of bird species to further public education and recognition of our Tasmanian birds. 

The University of Tasmania Avian Club joined Landcare Tasmania in Jan 2019, and have been sharing their avian passion with one another through organised bird watching trips, fundraisers, lectures and other events for all.