Dr Graeme Stevenson Tasmania's Senior Australian of the Year

Our favourite Landcare legend and 'poo-oligist' Dr Graeme Stevenson has been deservedly named Tasmania's Senior Australian of the Year 2020. 

Dr Graeme Stevenson (aka Dr. Spluttergrunt) has plenty of infectious, eccentric enthusiasm to go around!  His work with dung beetles, soil health and a long list of Landcare projects has not gone unnoticed. 

This year Dr Stevenson has been awarded Tasmania's Senior Australian of the Year for all his incredible work promoting healthy soils.  In his interview with The Examiner he says "I'm a show-off, there's no two ways about it."

Dr Stevenson is also well-known for his work in teaching kids about soil health through his quirky persona 'Dr Spluttergrunt'.  Dr Spluttergrunt made an appearance at our Tasmanian Community Landcare Conference 2019 where he taught kids how to treat 'Sally the sick soil' - hint: it involves dung beetles and earthworms!! 

A huge congratulations and thank you to Dr Graeme Stevenson and all the hard work and big energy he brings to the Landcare movement.