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Healthy landscapes: enabling human wellbeing through healthy interactions with nature 

Healthy landscapes can support healthy people and communities. But are some landscapes better at enhancing health and wellbeing than others? This panel will explore some of the varied connections between nature and human wellbeing. Our interdisciplinary team will share stories of the possible ways that human social, mental, physical, microbial and economic wellbeing can benefit from being, working and recreating in natural areas. We will then follow with an interactive audience discussion about the ways to support health-enhancing environments and healthy interactions.


Dr Pauline Marsh is a researcher and teacher with the Centre for Rural Health. She is interested in many aspects of primary health care, but particularly in the role and capacity of informal community support and care. Pauline has established strong research relationships with several community gardens in Tasmania. She has taught into postgraduate primary health care units, as well as teaching and research experience in the humanities. Pauline has published in international journals in the areas of therapeutic space, end-of-life care, rural health, dignity of risk, dementia, primary health care, Aboriginal studies and film theory.


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