Celebrating 25 Years - Timeline of Community Landcare in Tasmania 1994-2019 


Did you know that Landcare Tasmania (formerly known as Tasmania Landcare Incorporated/TLCA) was the first independent peak body for Landcare in Australia? Established nearly 30 years ago in 1994, this is our story- from the beginning to now.

1996- Paint it Red

We began our Red Tree campaign, which represented the decline in trees in the midlands. 

1997- Our First Conference

This year, we held our first Statewide Tasmanian Landcare Conference and Awards in Deloraine, with the theme 'Landcare: Not Just Trees'.

2003- Tasmanian Landcare Fund (TLF) Established

in 2003, Mr. John Roberts started an ongoing donation, which inspired us to create a fund for donations- which is still in place today.

2006- Many hands make light work

We launched our 'Extra Hands Program'. which connected landowners to volunteers- a service that Landcare continues to provide to this day.

2012- New Name, New Logo

In 2012, the TLCA changed it's name and logo to the current one you know and love- Landcare Tasmania.  

2017- Half a million dollars of project funding from the TLF!

In 2017, we celebrated having provided $500,000 in funding to various projects across the state through the TLF.  

2022- We're currently working on our forth landscape-scale project: The South East Landscape Project.


Exciting things are happening! Stay tuned. 



Group Map - Past to Present

The distribution of member groups from past to present.

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