Mark Bachmann


Nature Glenelg Trust (NGT) Ecologist: Wetland restoration as a landscape restoration tool across south-eastern Australia, including Tasmania 

Wetland restoration (i.e. the deliberate reinstatement of an earlier, ecologically preferred hydrological regime at a degraded or artificially drained wetland), is a highly effective landscape restoration tool.

This presentation will step through the logic of wetland restoration, including the range of information and considerations that have been integrated and analysed when planning and implementing Nature Glenelg Trust's wetland restoration projects across south-eastern Australia. A range of case studies will include past projects that illustrate the spectacular results that can be achieved, and also include an overview of a new site under assessment for its wetland restoration potential on the east coast of Tasmania (private land in the vicinity of the Moulting Lagoon and Apsley Marshes Ramsar sites).


Wetland restoration activities have great potential to recover lost or degraded landscape environmental values in many regions of Tasmania.


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Walker Swamp - photo by Greg Kerr