More Habitat for Berwick Bandicoots

We got together with the team at Francesca Collections to plant more habitat for bandicoots and wildlife at the Berwick Close property in Acton Park. 

Image: The Francesca Team helping the earth with 130 trees planted. 

The Francesca team planted over 100 plants in Acton park on the 14th August to increase biodiversity and habitat for native species in the area - bandicoots, wedge-tailed eagles, and grey goshawks.  The team also weeded some Spanish Heath!

Species that were planted included white gums, banksias, hopbush, prickly box, and grassland species. 

In lead up to this planting, the Francesca Jewellery team had designed and sold a "conservation charm" - for every charm sold, one tree would be planted through Landcare Tasmania. 

Most of these trees were planted by the team on the day, and the rest will be planted as a part of Landcare Tasmania's landscape-scale project in the Coal River Valley. The planting was one of a number done at that site. It is a private property that borders on to the Tangara Trail, a multi use trail that is a link of native vegetation between the coast and the hills of the Meehan Range. 

We are also conducting on-going monitoring through camera trapping at the site to see the impact of the habitat plantings... and let's just say that it's making the bandicoots happy enough to make babies! 

A huge thanks to Francesca Collections, and to the property owners Caroline and Rob for making the planting a possibility - we look forward to seeing the wildlife make good use of the improved habitat. 

Check out some of the camera trap snaps: