Patsy Cameron


The revival of the beating heart of Country in the far Northeast.

Aunty Patsy reveals the revival of the beating heart of Country in the far northeast with melythina tiakana warana (Heart of Country) Aboriginal Corporation (MTWAC), a small, not-for-profit Aboriginal corporation experiencing what it takes to restore a beef cattle paddock to its original condition.

The challenge is ahead: mattock-ing out invasive weeds and countering the disturbance of the ground bringing the seeds of cape weed to the surface.
All the while the joy of seeing rare and endangered plants of shining dogwood, kangaroo grass, and paperbark ti tree, she-oak and kangaroo apple plants appearing after six months of freedom from grazing cattle.
The talk will tell of the joys, tribulations, and reward of reviving the land to its original cultural landscape.

Aunty Patsy Cameron is a highly regarded Elder, author, researcher and cultural historian, who recognises the need for an Aboriginal voice and perspective in the interpretation and communication of Tasmanian Aboriginal history, heritage and culture. She is herself a cultural practitioner of the art of shell necklace making, fibre and kelp craft and a storyteller of note in the community. Her approach is inclusive and evidences a life-long commitment to the progressive engagement of Tasmanians with the deep human history of their island.