Paul Thomas - Friends of Randals Bay


Friends of Randals Bay (FOBR)
A passionate leader for 25 years, ongoing, unceasing and forever committed to all areas of caring for our land. A true Landcare legend!
Paul has been either Co-ordinator or Secretary of the Friends of Randalls Bay (FORB) group since it's inception in 1997.
He is tenacious and committed and works collegially with the local Huon Valley Council and the Parks and Wildlife Service. He is a great leader and motivator of others, especially the FORB group.
Committed to conservation he recently led the FORB group to the purchase of a 24 hectare Quarry Reserve which lies adjacent to the beach. He also negotiated the acquisition of 115 hectares of land, which after many hard labour hours and the assistance of grant money, now has a nature reserve walking track enjoyed by all.
In all, Paul has submitted 19 successful grant applications totalling over $150,000 for the group, and assisted in raising a further $160,000 through fundraising activities and seeking donations. He has also made private purchase of two 5 acre blocks adjacent to the other reserves purely for conservation. His commitment is endless!

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