Revegetation Training with Herbert Staubmann

The Revegetation Techniques Workshop with Herbert Staubmann was well-received in the Coal Valley this March. 

Image: Revegetation Techniques Workshop March 2021, photo by Huon Douglas 

Landcare Tasmania hosted a Revegetation Techniques Workshop for invited members as part of our 2021 Members Outreach Program. This forms part of our Landcare Action Grants landscape project, with funding from the State Government and the Tasmanian Landcare Fund. The lucky attendees of this workshop gathered at a beautiful property in Tea Tree.  The weather was perfect, and many of us settled into comfy seats in the shade to listen. 

Herbert Staubmann of Habitat Plants Nursery shared his amazing knowledge, collected in over 35 years of experience growing and planting trees, shrubs and grasses in Tasmania.  Herbert is one of the most knowledgeable people in the state for growing native plants!

Attendees came from the Coal Valley and surrounding catchments, many involved in local revegetation activities. 26 farmers, landowners and students learnt about every stage of a successful planting project, from planning to maintenance. 


Image: Revegetation Techniques Workshop March 2021, photo by Huon Douglas 

Herbert provided a number of insights through a Q & A and demonstration session, talking best practice when it comes to revegetation activities such as shelter belts & restoration of degraded land. 

Images: Herbert demonstrating planting techniques, photo by Huon Douglas 

The event finished off with a field demonstration, with Herbert demonstrating soil preparation and planting techniques. He answered many questions that will allow the attendees to tailor Herbert's advice to their specific soil and climatic conditions. 

This is part of a series of events that will kick off this month, so stay tuned for more!

Images: Revegetation Techniques Workshop March 2021, photos by Huon Douglas 

Many thanks to Herbert for presenting and to all those who came along and made the day a success.  This project is supported by the State Government's Landcare Action Grants and Landcare Tasmania's Tasmanian Landcare Fund.