Funding Partnerships

Tasmanian Government

Tasmanian_Government_Support_Logo_-_Colour_vertical.jpgLandcare Action Grants Program (LAG)

The Tasmanian Government allocated funding over 4 years (2019-2022) for the establishment of the Landcare Action Grants Program. The program is being delivered by TFGA and Landcare Tasmania is delivering part of the program to support members projects.

The first round of funding through the LAG from Landcare Tasmania is now closed.

Keep an eye on our newsletters for when the next opportunity arises.


Landcare Assistance Program (LAP)

The Landcare Assistance Program is a small annual grant that supports group operational costs and insurance. (It is not available to Individual Members)

Landcare Tasmania delivers the Landcare Assistance Program to support member group core costs and to cover insurance. The funds are generously provided by the Tasmanian Government. The grant amount varies from year to year depending on number of groups that apply, and insurance costs.

Member groups apply for the LAP Grant and Insurance each year on their membership renewal form. 

LAP Grant Info Insurance Info

Tas_Landcare_Fund_logo_FINAL_small.jpgTasmanian Landcare Fund

Landcare Tasmania is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient organisation, authorised to operate the Tasmanian Landcare Fund. 

Or to put it simply - we can accept donations to the TLF and these can be tax-deductible to you, the donor. The TLF was established in 2004.

Below are some of our major donors and supporters.

But remember that anyone can donate, no matter how small, to support the continuing work of community Landcare in Tasmania!

JM Roberts Charitable Trust

The major donor to the TLF has been the JM Roberts Charitable Trust.  This was established by the late John Roberts as a bequest in his will, to deliver ongoing support for Landcare projects.

The Roberts Trust has been the largest donor to the TLF, with $600,000 of donations since 2004 used to support important on ground work on farms, in schools and with community groups across the State.

When the next round opens, we will invite Landcare members who have submitted to the Project Bank to complete a full TLF application.

Other Key Recent Donors


15_Trees.png Fifteen Trees collaborates with us to provide thousands of plants for our Group and Individual members every year since 2017.

The_Textile_Artist_-_Cindy_Watkins.jpg Tasmanian artist Cindy Watkins, the Textile Artist, is donating a portion of all proceeds from her 5000 Trees project.

          Tasmanian artist David Hopkins has generously donated a significant body of artwork to support Landcare in Tasmania.

  You can purchase his watercolour gift cards in our STORE

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