South East Landscape Project

Do you want to learn how to restore your local patch, as well as our beautiful landscape here in Tasmania?

What is the South East Landscape Project?

The South East Landscape Project is all about restoration across an entire catchment, through involving the local community.

As a part of this project, Landcare Tasmania (with the help of our amazing volunteers) will plant over 7,000 plants this year, across 18 locations. These plantings range from recovery and protection of existing vegetation, and increasing biodiversity, to creating shelter for livestock. 

This project also includes 12 events held across the year, all with the aim of bringing our community together to learn important land management skills. These skills can be applied in the home garden, on the farm, and across whole landscapes. So far, we have held workshops about dung beetles, native seed propagation, plantation restoration, and revegetation.


Image: Huon Douglas- Dung Beetle Workshop

Workshops, Education & Training

Our workshops provide education and training, with the aim of creating restoration habits which will extend beyond the duration of the project. These workshops include: 

  • School Excursion: Southern Waste Solutions and Sustainable Farms
  • Shelterbelt Training and Capacity Building
  • Restoration/ Farm Forestry Training
  • Small Farm Food Production and Networks Workshop
  • Feral Cat Impacts and Management Workshop


Read more about our past workshops as part of the South East Landscape Project here:

Seed Collection and Propagation Workshop

Dung Beetles on Farms