South East Landscape Project

Catchment-scale landscape restoration in the south-east. 

The South East Landscape Project is all about involving the local community in restoration activities across an entire catchment.

As a part of this project, Landcare Tasmania (with the help of our amazing volunteers) has planted over 7,000 plants in 2022, across 18 locations.

This project also includes 12 events held across the year, all with the aim of bringing our community together to learn important land management skills. These skills can be applied to homeowner properties, reserves, on the farm, and across whole landscapes.

Image: Dung Beetles on Farms Workshop (c) Huon Douglas

Key issues and Activities

Issues addressed at the sites include shelter for stock, recovery and protection of existing vegetation, revegetation to stabilise watercourses and restoration of unproductive former plantation land. Plants were sourced from local nurseries and community nursery projects.

  • Shelterbelts on farms
  • Assisted regeneration
  • Revegetation 
  • Plantation restoration

Workshops, Education & Training

Our workshops provide education and training, with the aim of creating restoration habits which will extend beyond the duration of the project. These workshops include: 

  • School Excursion: Southern Waste Solutions and Sustainable Farms
  • Shelterbelt Training and Capacity Building
  • Citizen Science in Schools
  • Restoration/ Farm Forestry Training
  • Small Farm Food Production and Networks Workshop
  • Feral Cat Impacts and Management 
  • Seed Collection and Propagation
  • Dung Beetles on Farms

This project is part of our Landscape Restoration & Community Outreach Programs, which aims to bring together several members working on common issues, to gain a greater long-term benefit at a landscape scale. Funded by the Tasmanian State Government's Landcare Action Grants.    


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