Sue Jennings


Circular Head Landcare Group

Restoring the Saltmarsh in Duck Bay (NW Tasmania)

Circular Head Landcare Group manages a long-running program of ricegrass eradication on the mudflats and saltmarsh communities in Circular Head. The group has organised, supervised, and participated in this program for the last 9 years and brings credibility, continuity, and commitment to a project which is constrained by funding, seasonality, weather, tides, access, commercial fisheries and contractor availability...

The Group now monitors and controls ricegrass over 123 km of coastline from Black River, east of Stanley, to the Harcus River at Woolnorth, and we're starting to see the results of this persistence. Some of the newly exposed mudflats are colonising with native saltmarsh species and resident and migratory waders can be seen using these areas.

Photo of Duck River Ricegrass before spraying


Photo of Perkins Is Crossing-vulnerable saltmarsh