Theresa Chapman

Panel Member - Agroecology

Theresa is a soil ecologist with a diverse work and life history and an enthusiasm for sustainable agriculture. She believes stories can change the world, and so do we.
She is working with Soil First Tasmania to help farmers create better outcomes in agriculture.  

Soil First Mission
By creating a community of farmers who are wanting to improve their practice and giving them a platform to share ideas. Support the adoption of practice that upholds the clean green image that Tasmania aspires to.
Theresa says "I think that there is a lot to gain from farming well. Farmers are in a unique position to live and work outside, but importantly, to manage and improve the wellbeing of the land and soil. Excellent farm management has incredible flow-on effects for the local and broader environment, wildlife, and human communities. It's also really, really interesting!
There's so much to learn, and so many things to try, and always changing. Cover cropping, minimum till, controlled traffic, soil conservation, ag tech and shelter belts are some of the topics that are really exciting to me currently. I know that reality can be much more complicated. "