Round 20


TLF Round 20 - Weed management and rehabilitation of riparian zones

Round 20 of the TLF was on the theme of Weed Management and Rehabilitation Of Riparian Zones.

Seven projects with a total value of $28,880 were funded under the Round.  Read more for details.


Total TLF projects funded since 2003 - 110

Total value of TLF projects since 2003 - $448,921

TLF Round 20 - Projects funded

  • Beatty Lester Beef -Weed removal, rehabilitation and fencing to exclude stock at Sedgy Creek near Smithton.
  • Beberlyn Davis - Protection and rehabilitation of a segment of Yellow Rock River, King Island.
  • David Haynes - Control of gully woody weeds and establishment of riparian zone, Franklin.
  • Penny Laskey and Stephen Wolstenholme - Recovery of the river environment at ‘Levengrove’, Gunns Plains.
  • Kim and Leanne Marsh - Riparian gorse control at Black River, north-west Tasmania.
  • Richard Donaghey - Restoration of a paperbark wetland by management of reed sweet grass and revegetation with native swamp plants, Mawbanna.
  • Ulverstone Coastcare - On-going rehabilitation of Buttons Creek near Ulverstone.

For more details, view each project on our map:

Map of Grant Recipients