The Tasmanian Landcare Fund

Supporting grassroots projects with the Tasmanian Landcare Fund.

The Tasmanian Landcare Fund (TLF) is the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) administered by Landcare Tasmania to provide support activities undertaken by Landcare Tasmania's members.

About the projects

The TLF enables people to care for, improve and manage Tasmania’s unique environment through hands-on action.

Activities include:

  • Weed control
  • Salinity management
  • Feral pest control
  • Coastal rehabilitation
  • Restoring wetlands and watercourses
  • Enhancing bushland

Projects may also include education initiatives and field days, encouraging others to value the environment and improve their land management practices and typically involve community volunteers, students and/or landowners.  For full a run down of past projects, check out the past rounds. 

Past rounds 

About the Fund

The Tasmanian Landcare Fund continues to receive generous support from the JM Roberts Charitable Trust. By donating to the fund, you can support a range of grassroots driven Landcare projects from the coast to the country. 

Funding Rounds include multiple projects working around a central theme.

Past Grant Recipients
Potential Projects

Since 2004, over $600,000 of donations to the fund have been used to support our members' important on-ground work on farms, in schools and with community groups across lutriwita/Tasmania.

Every day we hear from Tasmanians wanting to take action to improve the health of their local land, water, and coasts. The urgency is real, and we are here to connect people to the resources they need. Your tax deductible donation helps us empower Tasmanians to improve the health of our island landscapes.



"This funding is incredible. It gives you the impetus to carry on…. The back’s been broken. It is up to us now to do the follow-up and we should now be able to maintain what we have left." Sarah and Rob Medwin - Farmers at Black River