Round 21


TLF Round 21 - Maintaining and building better soils

Round 21 of the TLF was on the theme of maintaining and building better soils

Five projects with a total value of $75,244 were funded under the round.  Read more for details.

Total TLF projects funded since 2003 - 115

Total value of TLF projects since 2003 - $524,655

TLF Round 21 - Projects funded

  • Clarendon Vale Primary School - Kids and community improving soil health on farms in Southern Tasmania through breeding and releasing bovine dung beetles
  • Wetheron Landcare Group - Grazing Sustainable Sands
  • Tasman Landcare Group - Manage Pasture and improve soils on the Tasman
  • Soil First Tasmania Inc. - Enhancing soil health by introducing diversity into cover crops
  • Lewisham Landcare - Implementing an altered grazing system for enhancement of subterranean and terrestrial landscapes.

For more details, view each project on our map:

Map of Grant Recipients