Todd Dudley


Todd will be speaking on two topics:

The history of and importance of having high ecological restoration standards.

Clearly defining what ecological restoration is and discussing other issues such as ecological resilience, reference ecosystems, the practical, scientific and ethical dimensions of eco rest and, the ecological, social and economic benefits

Preventing, halting and reversing land degradation: looking backward looking forward - a local bioregional perspective on ecosystem restoration. 

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration has commenced in 2021 and states that its goal is to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems. The Decade of Landcare program was initiated in 1989 by an agreement between the National Farmers Federation and the Australian Conservation Foundation and had similar aspirations.

The ACF-NFF partnership was supported by funding from the Labor Federal Government and formalised Landcare as a national program. How are we faring in meeting such ambitious aims? If we have failed and are continuing to fail to get there why is it so and what can be done to move towards a more restorative society? A local bioregional perspective.


Todd leads grassroots group the North East Bioregional Network (NEBN) in North East Tasmania. He won the 2018 Peter Rawlinson Award in recognition of 20 years of protecting and restoring ecologically-significant landscapes and more recently NEBN has won the prestigious SERA International Award for Restoration Excellence in the category for larger scale restoration (50 ha and greater) at The Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) conference. 

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Skyline Tier Ecological Restoration, before and after photos: